About Me

Cropped Self Portrait.jpg

Name: Dave Lewis

Age: 59
Birthday: September 22nd
Favorite Color: Blue

My favorite songs:

In the Air Tonight
Soul Sister
Carmina Burama
Dolphin Dreams
Hotel California

My Favorite Movies:

Monsters, Inc
Fast and Furious

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The artist and photographer is Dave Lewis. I do the photography, and act as web master for LewisArtandPhoto.com, as well as continuing to learn the myriad capabilities of Photoshop, and striving to continue to improve and broaden my photographic visions.

Some of the images found on this site are photos with minimal manipulation, while other images are extensively modified in Photoshop to achieve some “artistic” interpretation as seen in my mind. Using Photoshop I am able to create images in color, black and white, sepia toned, desaturated color, etc.

My work highlights the main areas that I most enjoy, a very eclectic mix of fairly standard photography and more esoteric images, which encompass the gamut from fine art nudes, to glamour nudes, to erotic nudes, to outright adult imagery.


Lewis Art and Photo
Seattle, WA 98118