All of the images on this site can be purchased if desired. All prints are hand adjusted for optimal image quality and printed via custom ICC color profiles ensuring the most accurate colors (or black and white tonal range) possible. All images are printed on an Epson 4800 using archival inks. Images that are protected under glass in normal room lighting will last at least several decades. If you use conservation (UV blocking) glass the image will last even longer.

The purchase button below lists the nominal sizes available and the cost of each print size. I print my images on archival quality rag based paper with a dull satin surface. Please note that the actual image size is dependent the framing of the image, an 8 x 10 crop may result in some of the image by necessity being removed from what might be seen on the web page where the entire image can be shown. One of the regrettable artifacts of frame sizes versus image aspect ratios for common cameras is that the image aspect ratio is not the same as normal off the shelf frame sizes. Thus, some cropping must occur to print a standard frame size.

My pricing is based on the amount of surface covered by the image as this relates directly to ink usage and print out time. In addition larger images require more effort to optimize the quality for the best possible image I can provide you. To minimize costs and inventories some images such as 11 x 14 and 13 x 19 are printed on the same base paper size of 13 x 19, likewise the standard sheet size of 17 x 22 inches may be used for several different print sizes. This allows me to reduce my inventory costs for paper, and also allows for a generous area around the image for mounting in your mat and frame of choice (I do not provide mats or frame, you can choose your own).


All of my images have a unique name, such as Charlie-Spokane-Shower-Sep-18-2011-0195. As long as you enter the entire filename, including the four digit number at the very end of the file name, of the image/s you wish to order, I will know exactly what model, what session, and what image in that session you want. If there is any confusion, i will contact you to verify the correct image before I print the image.


My site uses PayPal to process all payments, I NEVER see nor have access to your credit card information. PayPal uses SSL (https://) to protect the actual credit card transaction. You may visit the PayPal Privacy site for detailed information on the safety of your personal data.


How to Purchase My Images